Day 3 in Pucallpa – With 24 Pure Art volunteers on the CAST site great progress is made in the challenge to build two homes this year!  Busy constructing house #15 and #16 in the sweltering heat of this Amazon basin frontier town the team is off to an amazing start today. The CAST
(Construct A Structure Today) initiative began a only four short years ago, and growing strong.

Everybody is busy early morning before the torching midday sun. Anxious to accomplish as much as possible the teams work closely side by side and see immediate and encouraging results!

The morning rhythm is up tempo! All smiles and close knit teamwork make the for setting a good foundation as we have much to do!

Board are measured, cut and a wall goes up! Knowing that a mother and her five children will soon be protected from the elements here, keeps the team moving a steady pace.

Holding hammers like pros, walls go up one nail, one board at a  time! Volunteer mother and daughter team keep the pace moving forward without hesitation through to the afternoon.

The midday sun does little to slow the team as each member has a job in hand, working with heart! Preparation for more concrete, while walls go up and window frames cut, keep all moving through out the day!

The teams are proud of the fruits of their labour and keep spirits high as the hours evaporate like never imagined.

Stopping momentarily for a quick team photo, this wall team makes building look easy!

There is no stopping for this trio!  Shoveling the famed red earth of Pucallpa is an arduous task for anyone, but not for these girls with countless shovel fulls and heavy wheel barrow loads!

This dynamic duo makes the hard work look easy and navigate through the day with style!

There is always time to encourage each other with a special hug on the site!
Brothers in arms! The boys pause for a family photo with Ruben, our Peruvian friend.
The day is not over before a tour of some of the existing Pure Art homes. On the way back towards town a visit is made to three homes. During the week, inspections will be made on the 14 existing CAST projects to determine what repairs may be needed for basic maintenance and potential new improvements where needed. Notes are taken and check list completed for review and action items for each family in the Pure Art program.
A special visit to the very first CAST home…Clarita’s Casa, that started it all some four years ago,has had a fresh coat of yellow paint! The grateful smiles and hugs from Clarita, her sister and mother says it all! Several homes are inspected and families greeted as we make our back.

A generous donation from Cowan’s International in Hudson brought hope for this mother, who lives with a handicapped son. Pauline who works at Cowan seen here with her daughter in front of a the newly completed home that also serves to shelter the struggling mothers small sewing business. Its a beautifully inspiring example of sustainable change that has allowed her life to be transformed and filled with hope for her future and that of her son. Thank you to all our sponsors who make this kind of powerful change a reality for these families in Pucallpa!

Chronicling every moment for the Pure Art videos, Ben takes time to introduce his techniques to a budding  young  videographer boy and the world of Five Knights Productions, before jumping on the back of a moto-cart to the ride back home. The end of another perfect Pure Art day!






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  1. Lil

    WOW you are just motoring through building those homes, such an inspiration! Thanks for keeping the pictures coming so we can continue this journey with you. All the best for the rest of the week.

  2. Marie-Christine

    Just got back from China and checked out the Pure Art blog… Soooooo proud of you guys, my heart is bursting at the seams! 🙂 Keep up the amazing work! Sending you much love & light, xox

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