Along the Ucayali River Cast Team Meet the Shipibo

Day #5 and the CAST team travels up river from Pucallpa to visit the pre-Incan indigenous tribe of the Shipibo. The day will include meeting local artisans weaving  complex patterns of designs that symbolize the many facets of their culture.

Along the way, two and half hours up stream along the Ucayali River, a major tributary of the Amazon, there is plenty of time for bird watching and taking in the sites.
The welcome from this particular community, called Limogena, presents  a lively and colorful display of traditional clothing worn by Shipibo villagers of all ages. The village chief and elders greet the group before leading through the jungle to their home.

A short walk brings the team to the village center and a beautiful display of hand-woven traditional designs that help support community life far from Pucallpa.

Proudly displaying their creative artwork, these women have established a sustainable program offering a brighter future. Pure Art has been supporting this small community for four years and delighted to see their progress.
Next stop along the river is the village of Nuevo San Juan where some 50 families live a typical jungle life of farming and are slowly growing  an improved agricultural future  through the creation of simple irrigation systems, manually dug from the river. It is not an easy life, but the people of this small river village continue to work together to improve their circumstances despite harsh conditions so far from Pucallpa. Taking smaller canoes, some of the team weave their way up the channel for a closer look where a sense of hope and possibility are always evident in the smiles and playful activity of the local children.

Three “sisters” share a smile together before departing, while Five Knights Productions does not miss a beat under the sweltering afternoon sun. The Shipibo wave goodby from the last home visited and its back down river to Pucallpa to end our day.  Rested for our return to the build site tomorrow, with final walls to complete and the painting begins!

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