CAST Merges with CCP

Day #4 is mid point for the Pure Art volunteers where two groups work simultaneously on two important tasks. Team A prepares for the Children Contribution Program (CCP) enrollment evening with the school children and team B returns to the CAST site to complete the construction of the walls. Here the day begins with a trip to market to pick up supplies and candies for the children!

Traveling back to the mission with  motocarts packed with boxes to prepare small gift bags to be presented to over 180 students who will register with their guardians this evening for the start of school year!
Hard at work back on the site, team B is busy building the walls while the  concrete is poured by wheel-barrow for completion of the cement foundation. the cement foundation is being poured. The CAST team is now half way to their objective!

As the team members work side by side the two new homes are taking shape! The curiosity of the local community begins to grow as these structures emerge on their landscape.

The children of the neighborhood now spend their days on the site, helping where they can or simply energizing the the Pure Art team with their incredible smiles! The whole team feels empowered by their presence and forges on!

Meanwhile, team A is busy hanging the Canadian flag and finalizing all details for the big evening with the school children. Pure Art volunteers are constantly engaged with the children or helping prepare the lunch!

An exciting evening begins ! Right on time, the first groups of anxious student arrive with their teachers dressed in new uniforms and Pure Art identification number. Every single student enrolled is registered in the One School Program database linking them to their sponsors back home in Canada with report cards and communication that will track their progress. Holding the Pure Art holiday cards that helped support this initiative, wave after wave of grateful smiles fill the room throughout the evening as over 180 children are photographed and enrolled!
It was a special surprise visit and emotional moment for  Leslie to see the 5 children who will live in one of the new homes being constructed this week! The community of Hudson has worked hard to raise the funds for this family to fine shelter in the newest Casa Hudson!
The dedicated Pure Art team does not miss a beat as each and every student is registered in the One School For All database, with everything they need for a successful year ahead.
The evening ends on a sweet note as we have met our objectives and are ready for another year! The children proudly say good night and depart as the evening draws to a beautiful close.

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  1. Marie-Christine

    SOOOO nice to see our dear little Ernesto still in school! He has grown so much in one year! 🙂

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