Day #3 – Building Dreams

For many families in Pucallpa Peru, living in their own home is a distant dream.
All this will begin to change this morning for one family, as the CAST members of Pure Art Foundation move onto the work site.

Today the Pure Art team works alongside family members with shovels, hammers and saws to make their dream a reality, one plank of wood at a time. It’s very hot and humid, but nothing slows the team down, as the next Pure Art home takes shape from the red earth. Mixing concrete,hauling water,driving nails…it’s all in a days work for the crew of volunteers who have traveled far for this opportunity to make a difference in their own way.

A pause for a quick group photo before  lunch break shows the team in good spirits !

Pure Art volunteers engaged the community at multiple levels, playing with children,conversing with family members and answering questions from the local Peruvian media who were intrigued by the Canadian group working in one of the poorest area of town.
By afternoon, Pure Art house #10 is well underway and a certain satisfaction of a job well done settles over the group. Finishing touches to the new cement floor which was laid today, will form the foundation of our work tomorrow. All is moving along to plan.

Its a thumbs up for all of the CAST members efforts today! Time to put the tools away and prepare for phase 2 tomorrow.

At an evening group dinner honoring the many local Pure Art volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes on the One School for All program, we are joined by a special guest,the Mayor of Pucallpa, Señor Alcade.

Pure Art members receive an official welcome from the Mayor and an individual certificate of participation for the humanitarian work being completed by the Foundation in the Pucallpa area.  The mayor acknowledges the importance of the Pure Art initiatives and emphasizes that together we can make a real difference in the lives of the people of Pucallpa.

In closing today, a special tribute to Tulio, the first young man to receive a Pure Art University scholarship award. Now in his second year, Pure Art pledges to continue to support his efforts as he dedicates his time to being the best he can be.

Be sure to visit us tomorrow to view the latest developments on Pure Art Casa #10 !

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  1. Liliane

    Congratulations on your 10th home for the people of Pucallpa! We are cheering you on from Montreal and wish you sunny skies to dry up all the rain.


  2. Sonia

    Congrats to all of the volunteers! 🙂 The house looks great, and everyone else doesn’t look too bad either!!! It’s so wonderful to hear that Tulio received a special tribute! I wish I could have been there to meet him!
    Lots of love,


  3. Linda and Al

    The house looks great, but it certainly looks wet there. Thanks so much for posting Brigitte. Hugs, Linda and Al

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