Day 4 – Community Spirit

The Pure Art  Foundation CAST members mobilize in teams to tackle the days work.

Joined by the local children and their parents, the group continues to make strong headway on Pure Art house #10 and even get a start on the painting by mid morning.

The new brightly colored, golden wall shines bright in the afternoon sun and provides a true sense of accomplishment for the crew, as change in the area becomes more evident.

We are just in time for a visit from then Mayor of Pucallpa who shows public support for the efforts of Pure Art. Amidst  the media blitz from several local television and  newspaper publications, Señor,’Aalcade commits to taking a number of steps to not only help the family moving into this house, but help  integrate international initiatives like that of Pure Art into the community.
















Mayor Alcade also visits the Hudson House with Bob and Leslie to see just how a Pure Art house will look when finished. He is impressed and pledges to do more to widen the ripple effect this Canadian Foundation has created.

Congratulations Bob and Leslie!

Finally with three sides up on the house, and only one go…it’s time to call it a day and  off to see the children enrolled in the One School For All program, through Pure Art Foundation in Canada.



The children’s Contribution Initiative evening has been prepared by a separate group of Pure Art volunteers during the afternoon and the families arrive at the mission to enroll their children for the 2012 year.

Photos are snapped and data stored in the database to ensure every school child is assured gift of education this year. Special letters from College Bourget’s children are given to each student enrolled in the program.












It’s beaming smiles and lots of hugs as over 160 children arrive on one evening to register with their sponsors back home in Canada. We are grateful to all who have supported the children this year.
You cannot imagine how happy you have made each one! Thank you!



Be sure to click on the link above to view the local media news coverage in Peru this week!


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  1. I can see that the Pure Art ‘creative wheel’ of living, dying and rebirthing is fully active on the ‘path of the heart’ – I am with you all in the ‘flying wakas’ above you sisterella. Hello to everyone and a gentle reminder to look up to the sky as much as around and down…I am sitting in the Galleries de Hull, waiting for the organizer to lead me to my Creative Wheel / LaRoccaXC booth since this weekend (March 17/18) is the 15th summer camp fair – the biggest in the Outaouais. I will be ‘chained’ to my booth all weekend…grounded! Love you all. Thinking of you daily and ‘feeling’ all the joy you are all feeling on the path of freedom, wisdom and compassion. We live ONE life! ONE adventure! ONE beautiful moment in the cave of our heart! SHUNGO! Tante (Tente) Dominique

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