Day 6 – Another Full Day In Pucallpa

A very busy day lies ahead for Pure Art back in Pucallpa today, requiring the split of the team into two groups. This morning, one group returns to the building site, organized and motivated to bring Pure Art / Linguapharm house #10 to as near completion as possible.

A second group moves deeper into the community focusing on future Pure Art projects planned in the coming year, including the building of a new health infirmary in extremely poor area, before stopping at a children’s orphanage.

But first stop on route is a return visit to a very grateful family (mother of triplets, one of whom is blind) to see the upkeep of one of the Pure Art home and determine next steps. We are delighted to see a beautiful mural painted on the interior walls, and the cleanliness of the home which is an example in the community of hope and possibility. Pure Art will provide electricity to the home next month, and construct a small extension to permit proper cooking facilities at the rear of the home, for this struggling family which as so little. The mother’s smile tells a story all in itself!

Next stop is the dilapidated house of mother of four children (one of whom has recently undergone surgery for cleft palate) where it is immediately apparent this family’s living conditions are in much need of improvement. Three of the four children are now enrolled in the Pure Art “One School For All” initiative and their structure is listed as a priority in the Pure Art CAST home program.

On the periphery of town, we visit the future site of a new Pure Art health initiative which will offer first-line care to over 500 of the most destitute families of the surrounding area. This project, initiated by three missionaries working on the ground in Pucallpa, will focus on providing basic health care to the most impoverished people in the community. A much needed and sustainable program which will be overseen and run by the local community will become a Pure Art priority.

Returning to town we stop at a children’s orphanage caring for many of Pucallpa’s “orphaned” young ranging from 2 months to 18 years old many of whom are left by their parents simply because they cannot afford to keep them.

After lunch the team splits up again, one group to the build site to complete the painting and the other to purchase food supplies for the Shipibo tribe we visited yesterday.
Due to extensive flooding in the Shipibo villages, there is little food for the families other than salty dry fish.  Pure Art purchases bags of rice, lentils, and other dry goods at the local markets in Pucallpa again this year, and arranges for pickup and delivery by boat to the villagers up river the following day.

One new development for the people of Nuevo San Juan is the purchase of a new cow!  In an effort to help relieve the short supply of food in this impoverished area two hours up river from Pucallpa, Pure Art arranges for the first cow to be taken by boat to the village. The hope is that other cows and bulls may be purchased through a new initiative that would see many additions like this one, into the welcome care of the people of San Juan.

As a long day draws to a close, the final Pure Art sponsored school children arrive from purchasing their uniforms for school and are happily photographed and entered into the database along with all the other grateful students, for their sponsors back home.
Finally, to end the day, on an emotional note, an inspirational young, single parent father who was paralyzed in a recent logging accident in the jungle last year, visited the mission to ensure his only child, a young boy of six , was entered into the Pure Art “One School for All”- Children’s Contribution program. An otherwise healthy man, but with no job and no means of paying for his son’s enrollment, the feeling of relief that his boy will start school with the other Pure Art children this year, was palpable by all in the room. The meeting underscored the importance of continuing our commitment to extend the school program to as many children as possible. Departing with his wheel-chair in the back of a friend’s motocart that night, eyes filled with gratitude, a busy Pure Art day in Pucallpa, had come to an end.



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  1. kenny DeSantis

    muy muy fantastico!!!! If only we had more families like the mackinnons (sp?) and the wonderful people that join in their mission… just think of what splendid things could be accomplished…However, if one is not able to physically or financially lend a hand, there is always the role of educating those who never give a thought to those less fortunate than they…We can teach our youngsters about their brothers and sisters, throughout the world, who are without food , shelter, water,education and health facilities…we should not allow our youth to grow up with blinders… The PureArt videos should be shown in our schools. It is quite incredible what people, young and old can do when they care enough. Most certainly the”Five Knights” and their parents have proven this point. I love them all for it.

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