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The mandate of Pure Art Foundation is to alleviate global poverty, especially among children, through various means, but in particular by providing education, fresh water, housing and healthcare. Our initiatives not only focus on Peru, but extend to many communities and areas of need, however this spring project focuses on Peru and the deserving people of the Amazon town of Pucallpa, whom we have visited annually for five years.  It marks the first full year of operation as a registered charity and our second trip with a volunteer group to this remote corner of the planet. Hope you enjoy the blog!

Pure Art’s last day in Pucallpa begins with a final visit to the building site of the Foundation’s #10 house in the CAST (Construct a Structure Today) program. This Pure Art/Linguapharm house was completed over the last week through the collaboration of all 21 volunteers from Canada on the Pure Art Peru 2012 trip. This accomplishment is shared with entire Pure Art team who together combined their individual skills and efforts to accomplish a primary objective of the mission…to build a home for a paralyzed woman and her family, elevating their existence to a place of dignity and hope through compassion and hard work.  Each volunteer contributed to this common goal despite the heat, humidity, rain and mosquitoes, through a myriad of tasks:  carrying bags of cement and pails of water, shovelling earth, throwing a pick-axe, mixing concrete for the floor, pushing wheel barrows, measuring, sawing, carrying wood, climbing ladders, nailing boards, painting, cleaning the site, fetching bottled water, playing with the children, comforting the family, speaking with the local media, and generally ensuring that all was in order with so much activity on hand throughout the week. See photo of the whole team!

We could not have accomplished this seven day goal without the guidance of our local on-site Pure Art representative, Padre Gerald, the industrious and invaluable four Peruvian construction workers as well as the helping hands of the local children and grateful family members themselves who pitched in.

After snapping a few photos to chronicle the CAST segment, now complete, we head off to the school to visit Pure Art sponsored children. The Children’s Contribution Program is a long-standing Pure Art initiative to provide education to as many students as possible in the spirit of “One School For All”! A visit to the local primary school reveals very proud and grateful smiles of the children, many of whom are supported by sponsors in Canada through generous repeat donations ensuring this kids stay in school and can dream of a promising future.

Leaving the school the group stops for a tour of the Human Rights office where pro-bono lawyers and staff  navigate the complex Peruvian judicial waters to help bring fair outcomes to many citizens who are regularly unjustly treated.

Next its off to the neighborhood “Comedor” a local after-school community centre where the children go to safely play and do homework with the guidance of community volunteers who also run a number of community initiatives during the day.
A lunch and special presentation giving thanks, is displayed by the students.

One of the most inspiring programs initiated by Pure Art is the special “sewing” program which empowers a group of local women to learn techniques and sew beautiful and practical clothing for local families.  Pure Art Foundation supplies the sewing machines and the women organize themselves to provide sew and sell quality products in sufficient quantity to help feed their families.
Due to the success of this project, a perfect example of sustainability in action,  Pure Art has pledged to build an actual ‘sewing centre’ which will be constructed in the coming year, providing safe shelter and work space for more women to join the sewing initiative and provide much needed income for this very poor community.

In the afternoon, as the day draws to a close, some members of the Pure Art team mobilize for one final visit at  a small shack on the corner, which an ailing elderly man calls home.

The afternoon rain enters his house from every corner of a leaky roof and this proud man still manages a smile, and without ever complaining once tells his story of how he has found himself in a predicament which requires immediate aid.  Through our wonderful translator, interpreter and humanitarian, Suzie Cote, we understand he has not asked for anything, and quickly realize that this is the perfect example of what a small, growing and imaginative foundation like Pure Art can do something about, and we commit.
Within a few weeks, steps will be in place for the construction of a Pure Art Foundation CAST house # 11 to begin.

A respectable dry home will become a reality, for a man who deserves to live his final years with human dignity. Watching him wave good by from his doorstep, amidst the falling rain, we know deep within that a real difference can be made in the lives of others and we are reminded that we have only just begun.

Thank You EVERYONE…for your own individual contribution to the success of Pure Art Peru 2012! We will always be grateful for the selfless acts of kindness and cooperation that you generously offered.
Pure Art Foundation is fully committed to changing communities globally and without prejudice, one child, one well, one home, wherever we can. Come join us and learn more, one day at a time, in the following blog of Pure Art Peru 2012!
This trip which began with one house has ended with the beginning of another through one simple act of kindness toward one lonely man. 
This is Pure Art: Compassion, Creativity and Consciousness.
The need are endless, the possibilities limitless, all we need to do is act.


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  1. Lorraine Dolan

    It brings tears to my eyes to see all that you have done. These wonderful people don’t ask for much do they and we always want more.
    God kept you all safe and helped you to keep going to make this trip another success.

    May God bless you all.

    Lorraine xo

  2. Thank you Brigitte and all the Pure Art Team for this amazing work you did. What can be more rewarding and wonderful that a smile on a child face, a hope for a better future, a dignity for a paralysed women or a roof for an old man to spend his last days. You did all that from the bottom of your heart. May God bless you all.

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