Needle Power

PURE ART and CANADIAN ABORIGINAL DESIGNERS have come together to celebrate the unique and traditional skills of many indigenous Nations and to offer “shoppers with a purpose” the opportunity to appreciate, value and understand the exquisite and unique work of artisans from around the world.

NEEDLE POWER – Meet the Maker is a series of mini workshops of cultural net-working between PURE ART and Indigenous designers and artisans.
PURE ART – both the purveyor of wonderful items from around the world  – all made with hands – and a supportive Foundation to assist in creating a better world – has established many links with artisans of unique skills.
It is this that we want to share.
Just think for a moment about the power of the needle – a very simple tool with a point, a hook or an eye – and then think about the diversity of the products made with the simple needle.
The needle also has an immediate association with ‘Women’s work’ , with creating something from very little.  It has provided a mirror for the soul of the subjugated, it has produced fine craft and Pure Art.
The Needle Power Series will be give you a taste of the numerous disciplines and techniques which will hopefully result in a greater appreciation of the time, effort and skill that goes into each piece made with hands.  Our aim is to leave you inspired and informed.
Good craft always demonstrates a clear understanding of, and intuition for, materials and process. Crafts have stories to tell and a past to reveal – but more than anything else they expose the soul and passion of the maker. They are an antidote to mass production landfill and generic identities
These presentations are designed to restore your interest in the many talents the world has to offer, to encourage your own creative energies and to celebrate the work of artisans around the world involved in making their home environments a better place in which to live.

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