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PERU 2014: A Third Medical Dispensary to Serve 15,000

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One of the primary goals of this year’s trip to Peru was the planning and construction of a third medical dispensary, servicing 15 000 people, in the slums of Pucallpa. This project will be executed in three phases and will provide a multifaceted resource to the people living in the community.



The center will be comprised of 3 buildings:

– A clinic offering low cost first-line healthcare and medication.

– An educational center offering workshops and courses on health and disease prevention to parents, children & future leaders in the healthcare field by medical doctors and pharmacists.

– A comfortable environment with access to a community kitchen where healthy meals can be prepared for those attending educational workshops and courses.


Phase One (the medical dispensary) is underway, as our local construction team is working to build the structure and set the foundation. During our week in Pucallpa, the Pure Art team developed a system to ensure that a team of people will be working to coordinate and manage the center on a daily basis, once it is up and running.


Clinical work at the dispensary will be run by Dr. Navarro, above left with Pure Art Co-Founder Robert McKinnon, who was born & raised in Pucallpa and is committed to giving back to his community.


The medical dispensary will be built in honor of Dr. Peter Gruner and the pharmacy, funded by a collaboration between Pure Art and Suzanne Laplante (above right), will be named after Suzanne herself. A big thank you to Gayle McDougall (above left), wife of Peter Gruner, and her family, for their contribution to this project, as well as to everyone who participated at our Spin-a-thon and our most recent event, the Feast for the Senses. With all your hard work, determination and generosity, we will be successful in providing health care to 15, 000 people. Thank you!

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