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Schools Team Up with the Pure Art Foundation

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This past week, the Pure Art Foundation was honoured to receive a donation from a group of students at Birchwood Elementary in Saint-Lazare, Quebec. Initiated by their dedicated teacher, Julie Bélanger, these Grade 3 students, seen above, presented Pure Art Founder, Brigitte McKinnon, with a donation of 250$ towards the Foundation’s future projects.Julie and her students worked throughout the school year to raise the money, making and selling christmas cards, cookies and homemade salsa.
We had the chance to visit the school last Friday to collect the donation and to thank the students and their teacher.

Birchwood Elementary


Brigitte, Founder of Pure Art, with Julie Bélanger, Grade 3 teacher at Birchwood Elementary.

The students collectively decided that the donation would go towards purchasing medication for the Foundation’s latest medical dispensary in Pucallpa, Peru, in the country’s Amazon region. As we presented one of the Foundation’s films, showing the students the value of their donation and how it could help the communities we work with, it was wonderful to see their attentiveness and curiosity. Many asked questions and we could sense that a connection had been created between these students and the children we work with in Peru.


The Pure Art Foundation has also had the honour of collaborating with several other elementary and secondary schools around Canada. The students at Amherst Cove Consolidated in PEI, seen below, held their second annual art show this past May to raise funds for the Pure Art Foundation. A wonderful group of high school students from Collège Bourget, in Rigaud, Quebec, joined our Construct a Structure Today initiative this past March in building a home for a family in the community of Pucallpa. And, École Secondaire Marie-Rivier, in Kingston, Ontario, has sponsored 8 students in our One School for All program, for the past 4 years, allowing 8 children in Peru to receive an education.


Above, the students at Amherst Cove Consolidated are busy creating pieces to be sold at their second annual art show.  Below, a group of high school students from Collège Bourget, led by Marie-Christine Boily and Jean-Sébastien de la Chevrotière, stand proudly alongside the receiving family of the home they built with the Pure Art Foundation.


Receiving the support from so many eager and motivated young people inspires the Foundation to continue on its path. Their creativity, passion, & absolute hard work are a reminder of how change happens:

“One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.”

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