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Bridge to Peru 2015

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In March 2016, we’ll be returning to Peru with a new team of volunteers to construct Casa Hudson No. 5. This project wouldn’t be possible without a local event that is very dear to our hearts. Every September since 2011, a group of Hudsonites come together to raise funds for a new home to be built in the slums of Pucallpa, Peru. In partnership with The Construct a Structure Today Initiative, Bridge to Peru– an annual game of bridge and silent auction held at St-James Church- brings the Hudson community together for a very important cause.



This past Friday, Leslie Blake-Côté and her dedicated friends, namely Liz Zickmantel, Wendy Dye, Joanne Dorcas, Sandi Prevost, Mary Leprohon, Brenda Rhodes, Deborah Barclay, and Charlotte Payette, were able to raise 6000$ in just a matter of hours with the help of Pure Art Team Diane, Terri, Dawn & Brigitte and a room full of engaged participants. As Leslie explains “The meaning of the event is two-fold. An afternoon of bridge, the event is also a bridge between the community of Hudson and the community of Manantay, Pucallpa in Peru.”


Bridge to Peru first came to be after Leslie’s first trip to Peru with the Foundation 6 years ago. Along with her husband Bob, Leslie was greatly impacted by the experience. “While we were traveling through the slums to select another desperate family in need of shelter, we came to what I remember as the “garbage bag house”. It was situated on top of a garbage dump where dogs were scrounging for food. The shelter was raised on wood and the walls were made from garbage bags stapled to pieces of wood. A family of six people lived there. The memory is still so vivid. And, it was then I decided that I had to do something. Coming back to Hudson, I was determined to raise money to build a home for family in need.”


Year after year, Leslie says she feels blessed by the support and generosity demonstrated by the Hudson community, both residents and participating local businesses who contribute to the silent auction. In reference to her first-hand experience in Pucallpa, Leslie explains her motivation to keep moving forward: “I think that what we take away as volunteers is that we are able to bring positive change to the lives of these wonderful families. And the reality is that they in turn have changed our lives forever.”

Below are photos of Casa Hudson No.1, 2, 3, & 4: 

Casa Hudson No.1

Casa Hudson No.2

Casa Hudson No.3

Casa Hudson No.4

This year, the funds will go towards building a home for single-mother Carina Taricuarima and her 6 children. A very special thank you to everyone who joined us this past Friday! Your participation will have an incredible impact in a vibrant community developing in Pucallpa.

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