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The Right to Learn

Our ONE SCHOOL FOR ALL program is committed to helping students access education in the slums of Pucallpa, Peru. 

The Fundamental Right to Health

Our Health to Offer program provides frontline healthcare, routine check-ups and workshops in health & hygiene for vulnerable members of margianalized communities. 

The C.A.S.T. Team

Providing shelter and building infrastructure to house sustainable development programs in the Amazonian frontier city of  of Pucallpa, Peru.

Preserving art through opportunity

Our Sewing Initiative empowers women through skill training workshops and allows them to find financial indepence and to provide for their families. 

In Memory of Ben

The Lightkeeper Daycare is now fully operational! Shining a light for the youngest of the community.

Our Mission

The Pure Art Foundation is a registered Canadian charity working to empower communities stricken by poverty to develop sustainable programs through health, shelter, education, skill development and entrepreneurship programs.

The  100% Model


All of our operating costs are covered by corporate sponsors. This means that every cent of your donation directly supports the cause of your choice – no exceptions, ever. Learn more about how we partner with the Pure Art Boutique to make this possible.

Education & Empowerment

Spanning early-childhood education, high school and university sponsorship, our education programs are anchored in the commitment to every individual’s right to an education. Women’s empowerment programs and skills-training workshops offer those who haven’t benefitted from an education a chance at financial independence.


A roof over our heads is not a luxury but a fundamental right, yet it is a right that one fifth of the global population is living without. Our C.A.S.T. Program was established to offer shelter to families in need, and has since grown to include building  infrastructure for other programs, such as classrooms, medical dispensaries and learning centres.


Because no progress in a community can be sustainable without the health of its individuals, our health programs target the distinct and most pressing needs of a region or community. Be it supplying invaluable medication, funding personnel, leading routine campaigns or mobile health clinics, we answer the call.

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March 2022: Join us in Peru as a C.A.S.T. member



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