Intestinal parasitic worm infections are a major cause of health problems in warm climates. These infections are especially devastating in children, who experience malnutrition (due to the energy consumed by the parasites) that causes anemia, fatigue, as well as learning and developmental problems.

 The S.T.O.P. Peru Program (Support Treatment of Parasites) treats children in the slums of Pucallpa for intestinal worm infections, as part of Pure Art Foundation’s commitment to giving as many children as possible access to a sustainable education.

For only a few dollars per child, per year, we can treat the infection bi-annually, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Additionally, the child receives vitamin and iron supplements to expedite recovery. This inexpensive and highly effective treatment provides the health all children need for sustained, uninterrupted education, and, thus, for the brighter future it allows. 

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