Improving infrastructure is often the first and most important step in development programmes. Knowing that laying bricks or erecting frames would be the concrete beginning of change, the Pure Art team built its first house in Peru in 2007, and The C.A.S.T. movement was born.

The goal is simple: everyone deserves a safe home. Being firm believers in this fundamental right, we work with local tradespeople to build modest homes that protect people from the elements, but more importantly, let them live in dignity.

Thanks to your donation to the C.A.S.T. programme, the people of Pucallpa are able to move out of their makeshift shelters of wet earth floors and into real homes on concrete foundations, with solid, waterproof walls and roofs. This change in a family’s daily life transforms their lives for generations.

C.A.S.T. also oversees the building of health care facilities in the communities where its houses have been built. As of November 2020, three pharmacies have been built, serving families that previously had no access to primary care.


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