One School for All

The One School for All program offers the gift of education to students in Pucallpa, Peru. Many students in this program are paired with a sponsor, who supports and follows the same child(ren) over the years. 

The Foundation is committed to maintaining a program that enables children from impoverished families to enter and stay in school. This sustainable program now supports over 300 children yearly by providing the materials they need to attend classes. In contributing to this program, your donation ensures that young boys and girls are provided with the uniform, shoes and school supplies needed for one year of education, and directly instills hope into their dreams for a better future.

 The University Scholarship Program is a more recent development, stemming from the success of The One School for All program, as children begin to depart from their  secondary education and face new challenges. This evolution of the program was designed to support those who demonstrated commitment and ability in pursuing higher education, and to help them overcome the barriers to their academic aspirations.  The creation of this next component supports the Foundation’s ultimate goal of ensuring that programs are committed and sustainable, by elevating dedicated students from a life of poverty and offering them higher education and the eventual chance of giving back to their own community. Our goal remains to widen this opportunity for university education to as many children as possible.