Infant Care

This program was launched in memory of Nima, pictured right, who passed away while pregnant in mid April 2020, one month after our CAST team had built their family a new home. Financial distress at the height of COVID-19 had pushed Nima to visit a soup kitchen in the slums, where she contracted a bacteria and fell severely ill. Doctors were able to save her little one’s life, bringing Adriano into a family of six siblings now without their mother.

Adriano is now being cared for by Nima’s sister-in-law who lives next door, but is in need of urgent assistance to help him grow.

As the foundation’s newest initiative, the Infant Care program seeks to adress the particular vulnerability of infants in the Hub of Hope by assisting  parents or guardians who are struggling to provide their children with the most essential necessities. 

This program has been put in place to make sure that a child’s nutritional and clothing needs are met. Donations to this program will directly permit the purchase of items such as milk and food, as well as diapers and clothing if needed.  


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