Our Mission

The Pure Art Foundation is a registered Canadian charity
(# 84709-8787 RR001) committed to poverty alleviation and empowerment in marginalized communities. We provide a platform for others to contribute and to help raise funds in support of our goals, one project at a time.

Our focus is on fully transparent and accountable programs that, through their sustainable and capacity-building nature, significantly  impact the lives of those in need.

Our objective is to assist individuals become active participants in their communities, contributing to growth, resilience and economic independence. 

Our Approach

Education And Empowerment

Spanning early-childhood education, high school and university sponsorship, our education programs are anchored in the commitment to every individual’s right to an education. Women’s empowerment programs and skills-training workshops offer those who haven’t benefited from an education a chance at financial independence.


A roof over our heads is not a luxury but a fundamental right, yet it is a right that one fifth of the global population is living without. Our C.A.S.T. program was established to offer shelter to families in need, and has since grown to include building the infrastructure for other programs, such as classrooms, medical dispensaries and learning centres.


Because no progress in a community can be sustainable without the health of its individuals, our health programs target the distinct and most pressing needs of a region or community. Be it supplying invaluable medication, funding personnel, leading routine campaigns or running mobile health clinics, we answer the call.

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